In view of the changes in the land market of Toronto; there is an opportunity for every one of us to capitalise on it. ZNB Builders have a plan. ZNB buys a big lot ranging from 5 acre to 100 acres. ZNB invites the community to participate. The land prices are getting lower is indicating that opportunity is high.
House which was available in 1.5 M, now might be available in the range of 1.35 M+/-.

ZNB buys land in suburb of GTA, at a lowest possible price. Through the process of development there is an offer of shares from ZNB Builders $1,000 each share. ZNB would strive and ensure that the annual return on your investment would at least be 5-7%, it could go up to even 15-20%.

Land prices have gone down 7-10%. ZNB is using this opportunity to capitalize it. ZNB invite all of you to invest in it as an investor or share holder or both.

Additional Investment Benefits;             
Once development is completed ZNB may offer buying opportunity to the investors or share holders 2-5% less than other buyers. Depending upon the condition having some reasonable number of shares.

This is a plan to generate revenue from building to selling of new developed properties. ZNB has business objective along with serving the community. ZNB is striving to make available housing to community at reasonable cost.

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