Thanks to Community for Facilitating to Achieve First Milestone. It resulted into one listing with this information; and 5 reasonable investors. People are looking for investment opportunity. If we can provide them right consideration. 
It is the perception of many that the value of resale property is going down. That means investment in Land Development and new Construction will be picking up at this point of time. Business entrepreneurs won’t lose this opportunity. To utilize this great Prospect, ZNB Builders brings you an excellent concept that has not tapped in by other builders. ZNB is excited to offer the community to participate in this master plan as share holders to capitalize on this opportunity. 
Land Development is a lucrative business line which you can be understood once you will participate in the program. When you become a share holder of the business, you will learn more details as nobody can learn how to swim unless he dives into the water. You never know big opportunity is right there to be benefited. Community Building is a field which has been neglected by our Asian Community. As most of our entrepreneurs in construction business never offered shares to the community, whereas other communities have.
Property purchase and sale transactions are slowing down. This is time to invest in Land Development and new construction business. One can notice that there is a lot of Land Development and Construction in the suburb of GTA Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Niagara Falls and all over Ontario. It is a great opportunity to invest in Land Development and Construction business. Enterprise of ZNB Builders is inviting you to invest in your future. Don’t worry if you have little money to invest. You can participate even with little capital. The most excited plan has been introduced by ZNB Builders, making it possible for community to participate. Plan is amazing, reasonable and profitable. All you need to do is to have a look into this plan and take action. 
With lot of technology changes and with evolvement of new ventures, ZNB Builders is stepping in emerging economy. Any kind of saving won’t produce high return as compared to ZNB Builders’ offer.
Sometimes, traditionally we get 1-3% in some cases and some private investments get 8-12% for short term investments. ZNB Builders are offering much more and the returns are very high.
Once you become share holder with ZNB Builders, you have opportunity of growing your share up to 20% for the first year and up to 14% for following years with the flourishing business of ZNB Builders; as per historical track record of this team build. At the same time, your shares are secured by equity in the land under development. 
Our Asian Community is under the impression of deprivation. With such activity ZNB Builders is paving the way to foster trust and confidence fulfilling this need of community. 
Also, here you can find very clear comparative research in this unique investment opportunity, keeping in mind the private investment 8-12% and other regular financial institutions 1-3% as per capital growth. 
The legal documentation is comprised of company shares and these shares are legally secured by equity of land under development. So, you legally own the company shares and equity of the land. 
With the excellent concept introduced by ZNB Builders and before any other builder brings in the same remarkable plan, each and everyone needs to speed up to participate. ZNB Builders urge to get involved and study this business endeavour. This plan has been designed on the basis of work together, grow together, earn and gain together. 
Each and every community has own name and recognition i.e., Builders, Land Developers etc. Let’s act now, do we need at least one community centric enterprise. 
There are few individual Builders and Land Developers in Asian Community but they are not involved in Community Building. Because of less mutual interaction amongst different groups of community, there is no community involvement in any kind of ventures of common interest, so there is limited scope of business growth due to which our people with higher education from their respective back homes and lack of sincere guidance to put their efforts in the right direction, the talented class of our ethnic individuals is compelled to do odd jobs instead of being in the right place. The sole reason of this is that we have been unable to access our abilities and to know the value of time. ZNB Builders took this daring step to work on a very practicable plan which will benefit all who show their interest and will get their fair share after investing their savings in the right business and to receive the reward of their investments without any risk because every share holder will be in a position to keep an eye on business moves as per understanding between the investors and ZNB Builders.

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